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Class Schedule

SORA Free Japanese Conversation Training 2h Class
Every 1st Mon 10:00-12:00
Every 3rd Wed 17:30-19:30

Japanese Conversation Training Preparation Course (JCT Preparation)

Japanese Conversation Training (12months completion program)

JAN Shopping & Clothing
- Asking for help - Offering help - Ask for and give opinions - Describe clothes
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FEB Directions
- Ask for directions - Give directions - Using public transportation - Using public transportation (cont.)
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APR Meeting people
- Greetings - Introduction - Starting a conversation - Ending a conversation / What to say for being late or when they are late
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MAY Recreation & Hobbies
- Taking about the weekend - Encouraging/Convincing someone - Talking about hobbies - Expressing likes & dislikes
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JUN Making Friends / Invitation
- Making friends - Sharing information - Inviting - Accept & decline invitations
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JUL Traveling
- Gathering information for planning - Making reservation & verifying - Checking & getting updates - Check in/out & ask for something/information
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AUG Going to an event / Theme park
- Checking out upcoming events - Convincing someone - Express anger & Apologize - Come across someone you know
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SEP Getting around in town
- Asking for directions - Walking into a shop - Getting something to eat - Asking for recommendations
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OCT Going for a drive / Traveling by car
- Stopping by the gas station - Driving in Japan - Trouble shooting - Talking about your trip
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NOV Habits / Customs / Routines / Family
- Talking about habits and routines - Talking about customs - Talking about family - Introducing someone
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DEC Health & Medicine
- Describing symptoms - Buying medicine - Consulting a doctor - Talking about health
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